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 Flanagan, Barry (1941 - 2009)

Beutelstuck, 1967

Burlap and rope;
33 x 111.1 x 71.1 cm
Contemporary British Sculpture

UID 102-198


English sculptor and printmaker born in Prestatyn, North Wales and died in Ibiza, Spain. He studied architecture briefly and then sculpture at Birmingham College of Art and Crafts, and at St Martin's School of Art, London (1964–66) under Anthony Caro, William Tucker, and Phillip King. In the 1960s his work was often associated with the minimal and land art movements, making impressive pieces from rope, for example, or impermanent works of draped fabric and sand.  He also began to carve stone, and to model clay and other material. He had his first solo show at the Rowan Gallery in London in 1966. His work in the Biennale des Jeunes in Paris, in September 1967, anticipated similar work by Carl André and Robert Smithson, though none of them were aware at the time of working along parallel lines. The popularity and distinctiveness of Flanagan's work greatly increased when he began making sculptures of hares. From 1970 Flanagan made prints with animal and other themes related to his sculpture.  In an abstract practice that began in 1981, he asked Italian carvers to enlarge and interpret in marble his casually twisted forms of soft clay. In recent years Flanagan lived between Dublin and Ibiza. In 2006 the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin held a major retrospective and ten of his big bronzes were shown on the street. He was elected Royal Academician in 1991. Selected exhibitions: 1967: "Selected British Drawings," MoMA (toured US). 1967-71: Lecturer at Central School of Art and Design, and St Martin's School of Art, London. 1968: Galerie Ricke, Kassel; Galleriadell' Ariete, Milan. 1969: Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld; Fischbach Gallery, New York. "When Attitudes Become Form," Kunsthalle, Berne. 1974: MoMA; Bluccoat Gallery, Liverpool; MoMA, Oxford. 1982: Venice Biennale (travelled to London). "Aspects of British Art Today," Metropolitan, Tokyo (toured Japan) 1990: Waddington Galleries, London; Pace Gallery, New York. 1993-94: Retrospective, Fundacion La Caixa, Madrid (travelled to Nantes). 1995: University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City. 1995-96: "Barry Flanagan on Park Avenue," 54th to 59th Street, New York.


Corpus: Visions of the Body in The Berardo Collection
Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), Portugal
10-10-2003 ~ 13-03-2004

Colecção Berardo Collection 1917-1999
Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), Portugal
27-01-2000 ~ 27-08-2000

The Berardo Collection
Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo (SMAM-CB), Portugal
17-05-1997 ~ 31-08-1997

Arriscar o Real
Museu Colecção Berardo, Portugal
08-06-2009 ~ 30-09-2009


Corpus: Visions of the Body in The Berardo Collection, 2003
Published by CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém
ISBN 9728176856

The Berardo Collection – Sintra Museum of Modern Art, 1996
Published by Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo
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