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 Lapa, Álvaro (1939 - 2006)

Bordado, 1986

Enameled acrylic on platex.;
80 x 120 cm

UID 100-1053


Portuguese artist, born in Évora, Portugal, living in Oporto since 1973. 1956-60 – Studies in the Faculty of Law and of Arts in Lisbon 1962 Starts to paint, teaches in technical schools. Meets Areal. He is expelled from Civil Service as a teacher and re-admitted in 1976. 1964 First solo exhibition. 1966-70 Lives in the Algarve. 1971 Trip to Europe and North Africa, 1977 Publishes the book “Raso como o chão”. Lapa’s work has developed in a succession of narrative series, with the appearance of a suggested logic of continuity, of moving stories. His painting is work of introspection and awareness, a territory where different creative domains intersect – the philosophical, literary, political. Painting and writing are indivisible in the work of the artist. He has dedicated a complete narrative series in Notebooks dedicated to eighteen writers, Rimbaud, Miller, Michaux, and William Burroughs among others. A selection of solo exhibitions: 1965-72 Galería Buchholz, Lisbon, 1974-76 Galleries Espaço, Porto and Quadrum, Lisbon, 1977 Galeria Módulo, Oporto, 1980-84 Galleries Arta and Diferença, Lisbon, 1985 Gallery EMI-Valentim de Carvalho. A selection of collective exhibitions: 1964 Participation at VI Modern Art Exhibition, SNBA, Lisbon; AICA 72, SNBA, 1974-76 Figuração, Hoje and Colagem-Montagem, SNBA, Lisbon, Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Oporto, “Arte Portuguesa”, Roma, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Lund, 1979 LIS’79, Lisbon, 1983 Depois do Modernismo, SNBA, Lisboa,1984 Atitudes Litorais, Fac. de Letras de Lisboa. 1986 Le XXème au Portugal, Brussels, III Fine Arts Exhibition of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and AICA-PHILAE, Lisbon.

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