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 Ben-David, Zadok (1949 - )

Looking Back, 2005

510 x 0 cm
Contemporary British Sculpture

UID 100-914


Ben-David was born in Bayhan, Yemen and was brought up in Israel. He studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (1971-73), Reading University (1975) and St Martin’s School of Art, London (1976). When he moved to London to study he not only had to come to terms with a new verbal language, but also a new visual language. At that time, leading British sculptors such as Anthony Caro, Phillip King and Tim Scott were teaching at St Martin’s. His first solo exhibition was at Air Gallery, in 1980. After 1982 he began exhibiting his work in galleries and museums: Antwerp, New York, Amsterdam, and in 1988 representsed Israel in the Venice Bienniale, Afterwards he had exhibitions in Munich, Melmourne and Sydney, London, Tel-Aviv, Scheveningen, Paris, Seoul, Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), Torino, Singapure and Aosta. In the 90’s he participated in the group show Jewish Art of the 20th Century, in London, and in 2003 he presented in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal, the exhibition Evolution and Theory.  He lives and works in London.    


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Assembleia da República, Portugal
16-04-2007 ~ 19-08-2007

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