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 Dubuffet, Jean (1901 - 1985)

Arbre Biplan, 1968-69

Epoxy paint on polyurethane;
466 x 513 x 438 cm
European Sculpture

UID 100-915


The French painter, sculptor, commercial designer, collector and writer, Dubuffet moved to Paris when only 17. He gave up his irregular art studies in 1924, travelling to Argentina to work in a factory where he stayed for only a year. He returned to Paris and took up painting once more. He soon began exhibiting, and successive provocative exhibitions in the mid 40s earned him a place as an important creative force in post-war art. In the 70s, he focused mainly on projects of an environmental nature and, in his later years, he greatly increased his production of drawings and paintings.


3D - The Berardo Collection at the Portugeuse Parlement
Assembleia da República, Portugal
16-04-2007 ~ 19-08-2007

Public Show: Museum Berardo, Jean Dubuffet
Museum Berardo, Portugal
20-08-2007 ~ 05-12-2011

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