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 Cañas, Benjamin (1933 - 1987)
El Salvador

Triptych, 1974

Oil on wood;
50.8 x 183 cm
Latin American art

UID 100-928


Benjamin Cañas, is considered one of El Salvador's most important artists. His works are greatly influenced by Surrealism. Cañas often uses juxtapositions of carefully modeled and cartoon-like figures to produce a whimsical and sometimes frightening atmosphere. The artist has exhibited his works in his native country as well as the United States, namely headoffice of OEA (Organização dos Estados Americanos) and of the Interamerican Bank of Development Desenvolvimento, 1980 Janus Gallery, Washington D.C., 1980 Washington World Gallery, USA., 1980 Galería 80, Panamá, 1990 Galería Forma, Miami, Florida, EUA., 1999 Galería Valanti, San José, Costa Rica. An antological exhibition of the artist was shown at the Museu de Arte das Américas em 1989 and several of his paintings are part of the permanent collection of this Museum. He died in Arlington, Virginia.


Latin American Art in the Berardo Collection
Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo (SMAM-CB), Portugal
14-12-2007 ~ 29-02-2008

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