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 Smith, Francis (1881 - 1961)

O Fado,

Oil on canvas;
59 x 725 cm

UID 100-952


Born in Lisbon, Francis Smith lived in Paris for more than fifty years since 1907 as a poetic interpreter of Portuguese themes. Together with other young Portuguese artists among which Manuel Bentes, Eduardo Viana and Emmerico Nunes who were living in Paris since 1905, organized the exhibition Exposição Livre, in 1911, which had in mind to oppose the naturalistic production which was pervailing in the official exhibitions, dominated by painters Columbano and Malhoa. His painting evokes the Portuguese picturesque, be it an invented Lisbon of the popular quarters or a fado scene or the flowery spring of Algarve. Done with affection, expressing the analitical taste characteristic of the naiveté in art. In 1925-26, he was invited by the Architect Carlos Ramos to collaborate in the transformation of the Bristol Club, in Lisbon, together with Almada, Soares, Viana, Barradas, among others. He is represented in the Chiado Museum, in several official State in private collections, as well as in several provincial French museums.


Empréstimo longo prazo / Long term loan
Turismo de Portugal, Portugal
04-07-2009 ~ 04-07-2010

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