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 Monro, Nicholas (1936 - )

Suitcase in Clouds, 1965

Painted fibreglass;
87 x 0 cm

UID 100-972


Born in 1936 in London, Monro attended the Chelsea School of Art in the late 1950s and later came to befriend and exhibit alongside RCA and Slade graduates such as Peter Blake, Joe Tilson, Allen Jones, David Hockney and Eduardo Paolozzi. His work is characterised by his playful and humorous approach to popular imagery typical of the British Pop Art movement, using his distinctive medium of painted fibreglass. A year after his first one-man show at Robert Fraser Gallery, in 1968, Monro received an Arts Council Award, then in 1972 he was featured in Peter Stuyvesant Sculpture Project, in Birmingham, under commission. Monro's work early found favour in Germany, and his shows in that country included Galerie Thelen, at Essen, in 1969. Further British exhibitions included Waddingtom Galleries, City Art Gallery in Bristol and Felicity Samuel Gallery. Southampton City Art Gallery holds his work. He worked consistently until the early 1980s when he started to withdraw from the art world. He currently lives in the English countryside.

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