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 Mondino, Aldo (1938 - )

Atene II, 1966

Enamel, plexiglass and plastic on canvas;
200 x 80 cm
Pop Art

UID 100-976


Born in Turin in 1938. In 1959 he move to Paris, where he often attends William Heyter’s Atelier 17. He studies mosaic with Severini. In these years he is in touch with young surrealistic painters – experience that will leave a mark in the works of the Seventies. In 1960 he returns back to Italy, in Turin, for the military service. He meets Gian Enzo Sperone, director of the Galleria Il Punto where he set up his first solo exhibition. In the work of that period he quotes painters as Casorati and Dine, referring to the pop culture, road signs and child world. In 1969 he exhibits at Arco d’Alibert in Rome, presenting "Ittiometro". From now on he starts to use in his work writings, word and unusual media as sugar; in 1970 he realizes the series of the King: what the artist remids as his first step in to Paint. In 1976 he participates at the XXXVIII Venice Biennal where he is challenged by a parallelism between his own art and Schönberg’s composition. In 1988 Marco Meneguzzo invites him to participate at the "Verso l’arte povera" event at the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea di Milano. Starting from the Nineties, he focuses his interests on oriental subjects. He travels to Marocco, Palestine, and Turkey. In 1993 he shows at the Venice Biennal. In the two exhibitions The Bizantine World in Milan (Galleria Milleventi) and in Rome ( Galleria Lo Sperone) in 1999 have the common feature in the use of chocolates only. In 2000 he travels to India where sets up the exhibition titled Flowers at the Birla Accademy of Calcutta.


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25-06-2007 ~ 09-09-2007

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