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 Chadwick, Lynn (1914 - 2003)

Beast, 160, 1955

39 x 31 cm
European Sculpture

UID 102-103


British sculptor who, between 1933 and 1939, worked as a draughtsman for various architectural offices. In 1946, he won a textile design competition organised by the Ascher company and during this period focused essentially on designing cloth, furniture and architecture. His first sculptures, influenced by Calder and Gonzalez, in the form of birds and insects, were presented at his first one-man show at the Gimpel Eils Gallery in London (1950). As from 1953, he started producing solid sculptures of semi-figurative forms, somewhere between human and animal, produced through an innovative technique. In 1956, he won the International Sculpture Prize at the 1962 Venice Biennale and was invited, together with Alexander Calder and David Smith, to produce some pieces in steel for the Spoleto exhibition in Italy. In 1959 and 1964, he took part in documenta 2 and 3 in Kassel. Chadwick has been, in parallel with Butler and Armitage, one of the most significant sculptors to have maintained the good reputation of British sculpture begun by Henry Moore. In 1985, he was created Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.


British Kunst 1900-1955
Kunstforening, Denmark
01-01-1956 ~ 30-12-1956

Face - a - Face
Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo (SMAM-CB), Portugal
02-10-2001 ~ 30-04-2001


Chadwick, 1990

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