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 Fragateiro, Fernanda (1962 - )

Caixa (Desmontagem) 6, 2006

Stainless steel 316BA;
95 x 285 x 275 cm
21st Century

UID 102-1253


Born in Montijo, Fernanda Fragateiro lives and works in Lisbon. The artist deals with the deconstructivist element, showing how one can model a program of uttermost constructive and visual strictness, based on basic forms of boxes she found in the streets. She showed her work for the first time in 1981. Her projects include sculpture and installation in private and public spaces, illustration and collaborations in architectural projects.


Junho das Artes Óbidos 2010
Galeria NovaOgiva, Portugal
01-06-2010 ~ 30-06-2010

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