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 Prouvé, Jean (1901 - 1984)

Pavillon démontable, 1944-1945

Wooden house;
290 x 600 x 900 cm

UID 102-1500


A metalworker apprentice at the beginning of the XXth century, he collaborates with architects such as Robert Mallet-Stevens, Le Corbusier, Albert Laprade and Tony Garnier. From 1930 onwards, Jean Prouvé immediately confirmed the singularity of his approach: creating -with rustproof elements- furniture produced in series by industrial machines. Jean Prouvé contributed to a large extent reconstruction and urbanization post-war; a true entrepreneur, he was able to break away from traditional means of construction while giving prominence to standard modules which can be built in numbers. In 1945, he built his factory in Maxeville near Nancy (France), where he stayed until 1954, at which time he lost control of his business. Thereafter, he continued his activities as a consulting-engineer for architectural projects.


Art Deco
Museu Colecção Berardo, Portugal
24-06-2009 ~ 20-09-2009

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