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 Pane, Gina (1939 - 1990)

A hot afternoon 3, performance in Lisbon on 4 April 1978, 1978

0 x 0 cm

UID 102-1605


Born in Biarritz, in 1961 Gina Pane moved to Italy, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. She studied Fine Arts in Paris, and participated in the works of the Atelier d'Art Sacré, founded by Maurice Denis.From 1965 on, she produced sculptures and installations that invite the viewer to take conscience of the body, which already occupied the centre of her attention.Gina Pane conceived her first actions in her studio, and latter in public, in the early 1970s. Being the main representative of “body art” in France, she overtly rejected the designations "happening" and "performance", in order to avoid all connection to the theatrical context.She carefully designed her "actions," registered by "photographic proofs," through extremely detailed storyboards.The body, whose language - biological, psychological, aesthetical and social – she appropriated, is in itself the medium of her work. The superficial wounds she inflicted to herself with a razor blade tests the frailty of the body, and the blood, vital energy that it contains. From the 1980s on, Gina Pane’s works developed into a hybrid in between installation and sculpture, which she named "Partitions," evoking the body through works on matter and the organization of heterogeneous elements. The issue of the sacred – that underlies all her works – is definitely inscribed in her last researches, inspired on the martyr saints. Together with her artistic career, Gina Pane taught painting at the École des Beaux-Arts du Mans, between 1975 and 1990. She died in Paris, in 1990, as the result of a prolonged illness. The work by Gina Pane is post-performance, which was held at  Quadrum GaleryApril 4th 1978. In the corresponding invitation one can read: "action performed  at documenta VI in Kassel .


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