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 Einstein, William (1907 - 1972)

Untitled, 1935

Oil on canvas;
71 x 55.5 cm
Abstraction Between WWI and WWII

UID 102-182


American painter, born in Saint-Louis, Missouri. He moves to Paris in 1927 and works at the Académie Moderne with Léger and Ozenfant. He gets acquainted with Mondrian, Hélion and Calder (1929-31), and is associated with Abstraction-Création Group. In this same year goes to Russia with Hélion and visits Tatlin. In 1933 he moves to New York and collaborates with Alfred Stieglitz Gallery An American Place. In 1936 he and Georgia O'Keeffe organise a retrospective of John Marin at the MOMA, New York. He shows his first one-man exhibition at the An American Place, in 1937. He returns to Paris in 1946, and has his first solo exhibition at Galerie Jeanne Castel. During 1946-47 he is art correspondent of the New York Herald Tribune. In 1953 he belongs to the American Associated Artists, NY. He has solo exhibitions in Paris in 1954, Galerie Jeanne Castel, 1958, Galerie Barbizon, 1960 Galerie René Drouet and participates at the Salon d'Automne and at the Salon des Indépendants.

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