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 Gorky, Arshile (1895 - 1948)

Study for Bull in the Sun, c.1942

Gouache, India ink and pencil on paper;
55.9 x 71.1 cm
Abstract Expressionism

UID 102-228


Born Vostanig Adolan in Turkish Armenia. In 1920 he went to the US and assumed his new name adopted from his admiration of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky. In 1920-22 studied at Rhode Island School of Design and later, in 1923-24 taught at the New School of Design in Boston. At first, he was influenced by Cézanne. In the 1930s he achieved his first public success - producing a large abstract mural painting for Newark Airport. Other influences came from the surrealist painters and poets who came to New York as exiles from the war in Europe. Surrealism's aspect of automatism, the unconscious and the erotic, sent him onto a new path. In the beginning of the forties he worked with luminous grounds and calligraphic lines. He had a fundamental role in the development of Abstract Expressionism in America and influenced painters of this movement. He commited suicide in 1948.


Fernando Lemos e o Surrealismo - Colecção Berardo
Centro das Artes Casa das Mudas, Calheta, Madeira, Portugal
08-07-2006 ~ 31-01-2007

Berardo Museum Opening
Museu Colecção Berardo, Portugal
25-06-2007 ~ 24-08-2008

De Miró à Warhol. La Collection Berardo à Paris
Musée du Luxembourg, France
16-10-2008 ~ 22-02-2009

Sous la Dictée de L’image
Museu Colecção Berardo, Portugal
01-03-2010 ~ 26-05-2010

Tudo o que é Sólido
Museu Colecção Berardo, Portugal
07-06-2010 ~ 12-09-2010


Fernando Lemos e o Surrealismo – Colecção Berardo, 2006
Published by Centro das Artes - Casa das Mudas
ISBN 9728902034

Sotheby's, Contemporary Art Part Two, New York, Wednesday, November 15, 2000, lot. 343, 2000
Published by Sotheby´s

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