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 Afonso, Nadir (1920 - )

Marcoule, 1962

Oil on canvas;
68 x 98 cm
Geometric Abstraction

UID 102-3


Was born in Chaves, North of Portugal. Graduated in Architecture at the Fine Arts School of Oporto. In 1964, he was granted a fellowship by the French Government and he studied at the Fine Arts School of Paris. In 1952 he worked with Le Coburbusier and from 1952 to 1954 with Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil. He returned in 1954 to Paris, re-establishing contacts with artists of the Kinetic Art movement, and started to intensify studies on paintings that he called “Espacillimité”. In 1958 he wrote and published “La Sensibilité Plastique”. In 1956 he gave up Architecture. Prizes: 1967 “National Painting Prize”, Lisbon, 1969 Painting Prize “Souza Cardoso”, 1968 Critics Prize. Solo exhibitions (selection) in Paris, Lisboa, Oporto, New York, Rio de Janeiro and S. Paulo. 1958 International Group exhibitions (selection) “Salon des Réalités Nouvelles”, Paris, 1959 «Maison des Beaux-Arts», 1961 and 1969 S. Paulo Biennale, 1969 «Arte Portuguesa», Brussels, Paris, Madrid, 1976 “Arte Portuguesa Contemporanea”, Brasília, S. Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, 1977 “Cultura Portuguesa em Madrid”, Fundación Juan March, Madrid.

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