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 Mack, Heinz (1931 - 1977)

Dynamische Struktur, 1959

Aluminium and wood;
205 x 130 x 4 cm
Zero Group

UID 102-348


Despite having studied painting at the Staadliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf (1950-53), Mack was also active in the field of sculpture. He was the author of a kind of manifesto "Die Ruhe der Unruhe", published in the magazine, Zero, the origin of his "dynamic structures" theory which characterised his early paintings. His collaboration with Otto Piene and Günther Uecker led to the formation of the Zero group which produced numerous projects with artificial light up until 1966. In 1959, Mack began his kinetic exploration which produced an essay (1958) where he argued for the broadening of the observer's field of vision. After 1968, he produced various structural relief works with columns and compartments of light based on aluminium. In the 80s, he began to concentrate on stone sculpture. Mack, the artist of kinetic light, is better known for his city light compositions and his luminous environments in desert landscapes.


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Colecção Berardo Collection 1917-1999, 2000
Published by CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém
ISBN 972817652X

Mack – Sculptures, 1986
Published by Econ Publisher

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