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 Cabrita Reis, Pedro (1956 - )

Sem Título (Dez Quadros para o Ano 2000), 1985

Enamel and acrylic on canvas;
135 x 200 cm

UID 102-83


Portuguese artist born in Lisbon, where he lives. Attended the Fine Arts School of Lisbon and began to show individually in the beginning of the 80s. Using drawing or installation, painting or objects, Cabrita Reis gives in a very intense way the sensation of mistery face to the strange world in which we live. The artist chooses frequently materials of poor connotation, like timber for house-building, paper, neons, cloth, to develop constructions with poetic references. The building process, shanty houses, constructions that look like abandoned architecture before it is finished, and on the other side, places of knowledge, maps of stars, have been obssessively in the centre of his preoccupations. Cabrita Reis is one of the Portuguese artists with more intense international career. He has shown individually in the main museums of Europe, represented Portugal in the XLVI and XLVII Venice Biennale's (1995 and 1997) and twice in the São Paulo Biennale (XXII, in 1994, and XXIV, in 1998). In 1999-2000 has shown retrospective exhibitions of his work at Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Wien, Austria and at the Serralves Museum, Oporto, Portugal. He  participates frequently in important international shows, for example in 1992, at "documenta 9", Kassel.


Territórios Singulares na Colecção Berardo
Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo (SMAM-CB), Portugal
22-10-2002 ~ 28-02-2003

Dez Quadros para o Ano 2000
Casa Varela, Portugal
01-01-1987 ~ 25-03-2002

Dez Quadros para o Ano 2000
Galeria Quadrum, Portugal
01-10-1986 ~ 31-12-1986

Portugal Tourism: Long term loan
Turismo de Portugal, I.P., Portugal
04-07-2009 ~ 31-12-2010


Territórios Singulares na Colecção Berardo, 2002
Published by Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna - Colecção Berardo
ISBN 972974288X

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