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 Henderikse, Jan (1937 - )

Den Haag – Arnhem – Den Haag, 1961

Mixed media on panel;
48 x 35 cm
Zero Group

UID 102-861


Jan Henderikse was born in Delft, Holland, lives in New York, Berlin and Antwerp. Studied at the Free Academy in The Hague. On his initiative the first exhibition of "Informel Art" took place in the refectory of Delft University in 1958, and it was from this that the "Dutch Informel Group" emerged, as a reaction to the Cobra movement. Together with Kees van Bohemen, Henk Peeters, Jan Schoonhoven and Armando he formed the Dutch Informel Group. From 1959 till 1961, Henrikse first lived in Cologne and on the advise of Uecker, a member of the international Zero group since 1958, he moved to Düsseldorf. Here the first assemblages using rubbish and "objet trouvés" were made. In 1960, the Dutch Informel Group changed its name to Zero Group ("Nulgroep"). The Dutch Zero Group looked for an intensification of reality. Art had to represent day to day life as objectivly as possible. The basic themes of the movement were: existential, political- and social questions, combined with dynamism, energy, directness and the relation between micro and macro-cosmos. Examples of Hendrikse's work are beer crates that take up a whole wall, showcases containing shirts he has made by folding banknotes and also cork reliefs. In 1965, the Dutch Zero Group ended with an exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. From 1963-1967 Henderikse settled in Curaçao, continued to fill empty crates with rubbish and completed some serial works using photographs - some taken by himself, some found by chance and used as ready-mades - money and number-plates. In 1968 the artist became a resident of New York, where he continued to work on assemblages using “objets trouvés”, but turned mainly to photographic sequences, which also appeared in book form, and film. In 1987-1988 Henderikse was invited to Berlin by DAAD, the German academic exchange service, and he has had a second studio there since then. Conceptually based photographic work (using “objects trouvés” or re-photographed material) and ready-mades have continued to be key features of his work.


De Nederlandse Nul-groep 1960 tot 1965
Galerie Villa Merkel, Germany
01-01-1993 ~ 31-12-1993

A Colecção Berardo a partir do Atelier Brancusi
Galeria Jornal de Notícias, Portugal
26-01-2007 ~ 24-03-2007


Alles was Mooi, een geschiedenis van de NUL-beweging, 1989
Published by Meulenhof

NUL, 1993
Published by Ed. Cantz

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