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Berardo Museum Collection

An internationally renowned collection covering almost all the major modern artistic movements up to the most recent developments in contemporary artistic creation. This collection will be on permanent loan at the new Museu Colecção Berardo – Exhibition Centre of Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon with such names as Picasso, Miro, Bacon, Moore, Mondrian, Duchamp, Warhol among many others.
Modern and Contemporary Art

This Collection represents the lastest acquisitions which constitute the private collection of Jose Berardo and which presents a line of continuity from the previous Collection on permanent loan at the Museu Colecção Berado. On show are sculptures by Dubuffet, Cutileiro, Tony Cragg, Allen Jones, Lynn Chadwick, paintings de Robert Ryman, Giacomo Balla, Rigo, photographs by José Luis Neto, Robert Wilson, and a mixed-media work by Peter Blake among many others.
Ernesto de Sousa Poster Collection

Ernesto de Sousa saw life as art and not art as a part of life. He encouraged others to break barriers and explore new languages​​, and became the crossover to the development of avant-garde ideas in Portugal, promoting the art of poster design within the country and promoting national artists in a global context. There are around 1500 works in this collection of Posters used to promote exhibitions and cultural or political events, allowing an historical and sociological analysis of the events of the period and at the same time showing an evolution of the technical approach used by designers since the second half of the 20th century until the present day.
Ceramic Tiles

One of the largest private collections, spanning 500 years of what would become the most quintessential Portuguese art form.
Advertising Art

This important collection of advertising artwork preserves a unique view of publicity in the early 20th century.
Portuguese Ceramics

A fine collection of traditional 19th century ceramic art produced by some of the best ceramists from Caldas da Rainha such as Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and Manuel Cipriano Gomes.
Art Deco

A still growing collection of over 400 pieces of beautiful and exemplary Art Deco furniture and interior decorative objects.
Contemporary Zimbabwe Sculpture

A true African passion, this historical collection of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe may be seen in permanent exhibition at the Monte Palace Museum within the lush grounds of the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens, Madeira.

Highlighted Collections

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